City Council

 Barb carla-moxley  
Barb Yergler – Ward One
Chairman – Economic & Industrial Development  
Chairman- Police/Health, Light and Nuisance
Gibson Area Chamber of Commerce Liaison
Carla Moxley
City Clerk
Scott Davis– Ward Three
Chairman - Streets & Alleys
dean-kidd dennis-pardick  
Dean Kidd – Ward One
Chairman - Parks & Buildings
Pool Board Liaison
Dennis Pardick – Ward Four
Chairman – Personnel
Mayor Pro-Tem
Laura Miller – Ward Four
marc-miller nelda-jordan scott-shull
Marc Miller
City Attorney
Nelda Jordan – Ward Two
Chairman - Finance
Chairman - Recycling Board
Telecare Liaison
Mayor Pro-Tem
Scott Shull
City Treasurer
Katie Benningfield, Cassidy Brucker, and Miranda Patton
Junior Aldermen
Bette Lain - Ward Two
Chairman -Ordinance
John Carlson – Ward Three
Chairman – Water & Sewer
School Board Liaison