City Council

 Barb carla-moxley
Barb Yergler – Ward One
Chairman –Parks & Buildings
City of Gibson Special Downtown Revitalization Committee Liaison
 Pool Board  Liaison
Carla Moxley
City Clerk
Scott Davis– Ward Three
Chairman -Finance
Chamber of Commerce Liaison
Mayor Pro-tem
Brandon Roderick– Ward One
Chairman - Police,Health,Light& Nuisance
Dennis Pardick – Ward Four
Chairman – Personnel
Mayor Pro-Tem
Laura Miller – Ward Four
Chairman: Economic & Industrial Development

marc-miller nelda-jordan scott-shull
Marc Miller
City Attorney
Nelda Jordan – Ward Two
Chairman - Water & Sewer
Recycling Liaison
Telecare Liaison
Scott Shull
City Treasurer

 Junior Aldermen
Jan Hall- Ward Two
Chairman -Ordinance
City of Gibson Special Assisted Living Committee Liaison
John Carlson – Ward Three
Chairman – Street & Alley
School Board Liaison

Full Time Street and Alley Position available. Applications can be picked up at City Hall or printed from the website.
Application deadline is Friday April 29,2016 at City Hall